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Welcome to all volunteers. If signing in for the first time, please read the following information:


We have a growing response from the local and family history communities. This has meant that we are always busy trying to keep up with the pace of enquiries and correspondence from volunteers.

We hope to provide volunteers with responses to all enquires and submitted records as soon as we can, (dependent on professionals working hours). This is a manual process, so please do be patient, especially over the weekend!

Volunteer access

Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes makes volunteering accessible and available to everyone with a computer and internet access. You (our Heritage Heroes), will contribute to the Shropshire’s Museums and Archives work by enhancing and improving their records.

Once you have registered, we are pleased to give you access to the full resources of the website. Our website management system keeps track of access and records edited. It will log you out if you are inactive after approximately 1 hour. (This is because as part of the project we have been asked to log the amount of hours volunteers do).

My Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes

We are very keen to maintain up to date and accurate information about our volunteers. Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes is a ground-breaking project and the success depends entirely on our volunteers. Knowing who and where our volunteers are located, are important pieces of knowledge for us to continue our work in encouraging people to be involved. This is why our registration process is a bit more long-winded than most.

These details are held by the project only for our use, and the information is controlled under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

Where to get started

As a volunteer you may struggle deciding where to start. You can start anywhere and work on any type of record in any area. However, we will be constantly updating and changing new projects that will appear both on the 'Home' and 'Projects' page of the website, as Call to Action pictures and as a list. 

We will endeavour to have a constant flow of projects and records for volunteers to edit, but there may be occasions when volunteers cannot edit anything else. This can be down to a number of factors: a backlog of submitted for approval items or awaiting more records for editing to be uploaded for example. At these times we ask that you please abide with us. 

How to get started

All volunteers should have immediate access following an automated email to your email account. That means you are ready to go. We ask however that you do a few things before you get started.

  1. Take some time to read the welcome page and familiarise yourself with the website and the system, particularly the ‘Projects’ page where you can see what the Museums and Archives are asking for help with in their collections.
  2. We ask that you all start by reading and familiarising yourselves with the 'Community Code of Conduct' policy found in 'Knowledge Base' in Community. After that please read the Questions and Answers guidance also found in the ‘Knowledge Base’ section. Any questions you have may well be answered there. If your particular question has not been answered then you have two further options: 1) To go to the ‘Contact’ tab and ask your question there. 2) Ask your question on the community page. We encourage volunteers to use the community page in this way so that any questions asked can be answered by not only professionals but also by other volunteers.
  3. Join the ‘Community Page’ and contribute to ‘Ideas’ ‘Questions’ and ‘Problems’.  If you find there isn't a relevant ‘Idea’ ‘Question’ or ‘Problem’ then please feel free to create one. ‘Ideas’ ‘Questions’ and ‘Problems’ are an excellent way for people to communicate, problem solve and give assistance to fellow volunteers. We will always attempt to answer any queries received, but the collective knowledge of the Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes volunteers will often be able to help. 


Quality control

We hope to reach volunteers from around the world to help us on this project and as such we are aware of the need to process large numbers of edits. We ask for your patience with this as our professionals' working hours are all different. Your submission is important to us and we want to treat each one with the attention it deserves.

All edits/modifications that are submitted will be moderated by the relevant professionals. 100% accuracy in this work is vital as what you do directly links back to the Museum and Archive databases and subsequently to the Discovering Shropshire’s History website.  If, therefore, your edit/modification is not initially accepted please be encouraged to try again and resubmit. The professionals will have provided a short statement giving guidance on what they expect.

Thank you and tell a friend!

Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes has been very much heartened by the support shown by so many people in our task ahead - a big thank you for volunteering to support the unique archival/museum crowd-sourcing project in Shropshire. We hope that in it's first few months, people are patient with us as we develop and improve the site, the projects, the instructions and the community, it is all very new and will endeavour to do our best. We are keen, however, to continue and get more done to unlock the content of these records. Please tell a friend - or two! - about the project and encourage them to be involved.