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The Red Cross in Shropshire - an account of Voluntary Aid Work, 1915 to 1918

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The project contains text and images.

Task: The Red Cross in Shropshire project is approx 80 pages in total, so we think it is better to split the project into sections. We suggest volunteers pick a specific section to work on. We would like you to transcribe what is exactly on the page. When you click on a section it will take you to the pages specified, you can then put them into 'Your Favourites' box. We ask that you pick no more than 10 records at a time to edit and if possible we ask that you edit records in order. If you find that you can not edit a record this means someone else is editing it. We ask that you put your transcript into the 'Descriptions' box on the edit page for now, but this may alter as the project progresses. If you are not able to write in a box then you need to press the green + button at the side and a new editable box will appear underneath.

**We have done an example page for you so you can see what we are looking for. Please click on the link: **

We have also included an example image of what we would like you to do below: 


**Need some tips on transcribing? Go to the Knowledge Base on the Community page to have a look: **

**If you would like more tips and advice on transcribing, please follow the link to the National Archives website. They give advice, tips and even exercises in transcribing and paleography.**

**Please note that there will not be instructions available once you open a record to edit** We advise you familiarise yourself with the site and the tasks and for any questions you have please use the 'Knowledge Base' on the community page. This has a list of FAQ's. If you can not find the question you have, on 'Knowledge Base', you can write a new one and someone will reply with an answer for you. (Please allow for differing working patterns in regards to the speed of the reply.)

**Important message: Please remember that when you registered, you ticked and confirmed that you understood the website Terms of Use. If you wish to use any of the images available on this website for personal use you must obtain permission first**

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Section one completed. Thank you. 

Section Two - now completed

Section Three

Section Four

Section Five

Section Six

Section Seven