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How would you like me to index the Wildings 1916 Commercial Directory?

We have got an example of how we would like you to index commercial directories. This is an example of one page and others will be different, but the same principles will apply.

To start with you need to have pressed the 'Edit this Record' button.

This will open up into a new page where you will see editable boxes.

We have asked for you to help index the business names, what the businesses are and where they are. If you are not able to write in a box then you need to press the green + button at the side and a new editable box will appear underneath.

In the 'descriptions' box we would like the businesses names, what the business is and where it is and in the 'places' box you can also add the location of the business, (see image examples below).


This is an image of the pop up window that will open when you press inside the 'place' box. You just need to start typing the place you want to add and then click on the correct one when it comes up. The window will automatically close and the place will have been added to the box. If you have multiple places on the page then just click on the +button and add more.

Beneath is an example of what we would like in the 'description' box. As we have mentioned before on the Wildings 1916 project page, the information we are asking to be put in the 'descriptions' box may change as we progress as other more appropriate boxes maybe added, however, for now we ask that the information is put into here. (The 'descriptions' box will grow as you put more information into it.) Please put the page number at the top of the descriptions box and then business name, what the business is and where it is. (See example below).


Once you have put all the information in, you just need to press the submit button.

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