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Knowledge Base

6 Community Help on the Heritage Heroes Community section of the site.

1 Community Code of Conduct Guidelines on how we expect people to act whilst using and working on the website and within the community

18 Editing Records Help on editing records in general

1 Getting started Advice on getting started

1 How my contributions work A diagram to explain the time scales involved and how the process works

2 Indexing How to index records from the Archives and Museums

2 Leader Board An explanation of what the Leader Board is and how to opt in or out of it

2 Logged Out Answers to why you get logged out and if your work will be saved

1 Meet our Moderators/Professionals A list of the moderators and professionals involved with Heritage Heroes

9 Museum and Archive Guidelines A basic guidance on what Shropshire Archives and Museums are looking for when editing/modifying records

12 Transcribing Questions and answers relating to transcribing

8 Tips