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The site has been created to enable people who want to volunteer within the heritage sector, but who can’t get to our centres, to contribute by enhancing and enriching collections.  You don’t have to be a professor in numismatics to help, there are all sorts of tasks for willing volunteers to get involved with and the beauty of this is that you can do it within the comfort of your own home or your work station.

The development of the website has been funded by the Arts Council.  There are a number of virtual volunteer websites that have been developed but this one is unique in that the work that is carried out by volunteers will link directly to the Discovering Shropshire’s History website This is an online resource which gives visitors access to quality data fed from the Archives and Museums databases.

Shropshire’s Heritage Heroes will be directly responsible for enriching the holdings within Shropshire Archives and Museum Services.

If you think that this is something that you would like to be a part of, please register and read the 'Welcome and Thanks' page, and help us to unlock more of Shropshire's heritage.


If you have a question about this website you can either register and post a comment in the Community section, alternatively use the Contact section. Please bear in mind that this website is not manned 24/7, the administrators of the site will endeavour to answer your questions ASAP.


Please note:

The Shropshire's Heritage Heroes website is a virtual volunteering project, we can not assist with general enquires regarding records. If you have a question regarding an archive record please email the Shropshire Archives at:

If you are not interested in volunteering but are looking for other areas of research the complete collections that are held in Shropshire can be found on the following link, this will be of more use to you: